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    22 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Aren't Just Another Pair Of Novelty Socks

    You can't go wrong with these.

    1. A pair of heart-shaped mugs that'll remind them how much you love 'em every time they take a sip. The double-walled glass keeps things light and airy, while keeping heat and condensation where it belongs— inside their cup.

    the mugs with one that has coffee in them

    2. And a pair of mixing spoons with an adorbs message if you love getting your caffeine fix together. They're longer and slimmer than regular spoons, so they'll be able to reach into taller tumblers.

    the spoons stacked

    3. An silicone case for their Airtag so they can clip it to their keys or purse to keep track of 'em. It'll also keep their tracker from scratches or getting crushed (plus, they'll be way cuter to look at).

    4. A body oil made by Canadian company Wildcraft Care that's full of natural and nourishing ingredients (like hemp seed and Bulgarian rose oils) that their skin will love. Bonus points if you throw in a massage, too!

    person holding the bottle

    5. A jewellery box that'll give them a place to store and display all of their baubles. It has a bunch of dividers to keep their chains from tangling and a full drawer just for organizing their rings.

    the drawers in the case all pulled out at different levels

    6. An AeroGarden Sprout because who needs flowers when they can have fresh herbs to sprinkle on all their meals. Reviewers say it saves them money at the grocery store and is super convenient— basically, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

    person trimming

    7. A cute crossbody bag that'll become their new everyday accessory, thanks to its perfect size, handy pockets, and attached key ring clip. It's also water-resistant, meaning it can withstand rainy or snowy days (hello, Canada).

    8. A glass salad container if they get sad over soggy greens and are tired of buying overpriced salads at work. It comes with a base compartment for leafy ingredients, a divided tray for other toppings, a leak-proof dressing container, a fork, and a clip-on lid to keep it all in.

    the base bowl with greens and the top bowl with other ingredients and dressing

    9. A two-person sleeping bag so you can still cuddle and do all of your other camping shenanigans (PG or not). If you are planning on sleeping solo, it can also be converted into two single sleeping bags.

    couple cuddling in the sleeping bag on the grass

    10. A huggable sloth that can be both microwaved or chilled to soothe their aches and pains. It's cuter to snuggle with than their stinky rubber hot water bottle, don't you think?

    person with the sloth on their shoulder

    11. A heated razor that'll make their shaving routine feel extra luxurious. It has two heat levels and is completely waterproof so they can use it in the shower, too.

    person shaving with the heated razor

    12. A blooming tea flower set which is basically a 2-in-1 gift that's both beautiful and delicious. Each flower can be steeped up to three times, so they'll last more than just a few gulps.

    person pouring the tea into teacups

    13. And a glass teapot to put their blooms or other loose-leaf teas in. It has a removable metal strainer that'll catch all the little bits and pieces from seeping into their cup.

    the teapot with some fruit slices in it next to a teacup and some cookies

    14. A Bluetooth sleep mask that'll help them block out your snoring and late-night TikTok scrolling (sorry, boo), so they can finally get some proper rest.

    the eye mask next to a phone and a tray of bedside accessories

    15. A weekender bag to pack their stuff in for all of your fun adventures together. It has an electronics side pocket with a laptop strap, a waterproof toiletry pouch, and a trolley sleeve to slip over their luggage, making it the ultimate bag for any trip they'll embark on.

    person putting something in the bag

    16. A Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask duo that comes with a yummy limited-edition chocolate scent that'll leave a subtle tint on their lips and a full-size tub of the classic berry scent. With their pucker as soft as ever, you might even win yourself a kiss.

    17. A heart-shaped mini waffle maker that'll help them satisfy their sweet tooth. They can also use it to make a killer grilled cheese, crispy hash browns, or anything else that they want waffle-fied.

    a top down view of the heart shaped waffle maker

    18. A set of packing cubes to organize their luggage (or separate their stuff from yours if you're sharing) the next time they're jetting off on a trip. The cubes have a mesh panel that'll help them see what's inside, so they won't have to dig around inside them.

    the packing cubes in a bag

    19. A candle accessory kit if all of their candles have turned into gray, sooty messes. It'll help their expensive self-care purchases last longer and smell less smoky.

    the four accessories all laid out next to a lit candle

    20. A pair of self-watering bulbs to keep their plant babies alive even if they're OOO for up to three weeks. All they'll have to do is dig a little hole, fill the globe with water, cover the spout with a paper towel or sponge, and voilà, healthy and thriving plants.

    two heart-shaped plant bulbs sitting in two potted plants

    21. A heated mattress pad if they can't imagine anything worse than climbing into freezing sheets at the end of the day. It has dual-zone heating with two remotes, so you can each adjust the temperature on your own sides instead of fighting over the blankets.

    couple sitting on a bed with the heated mattress pad each adjusting their temperatures

    22. And lastly, a Stanley tumbler that they've been seeing all over their FYP and swear will help them hit their hydration goals. It holds about 1.2 litres of liquid, has a reusable straw for easy sippin', will keep their drinks cold for days, all while fitting in their car cupholder (okay, we get why it's so popular now!).

    the stanley cup

    Them when they open their gift:

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