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    I Tried Everything in My March LookFantastic Beauty Box, And Here's My Verdict

    I'm giddy over these goodies.

    Hi, my name is May, and I'm a serial sampler. I love getting my hands on any minis I can try out before I buy the full-sized versions. So when LookFantastic offered to send me a beauty box full of treats (mini AND full-sized), of course I said yes!

    First off, can we talk about how CUTE the packaging of this box is? It makes you feel like you're opening a present. It also comes with a little pamphlet that explains ingredients, how-tos, and even the retail price of the products if you want to know how much your box is worth.

    You can get the regular box with six deluxe items every month or buy one of the limited edition boxes on its own. LookFantastic offers four subscription plans (one, three, six, 12 months), so you can subscribe at whatever commitment level you're comfortable with. Oh, and you can get an extra 20% off when you use code BUZZFEED (we got you!).

    a different beauty box surrounded by products

    Let's get into the products then, shall we?!

    The first thing I tried was the Priori hand and body replenisher. It's an extremely lightweight and gentle cream that has corrective properties that gently exfoliate your skin. It left my skin baby soft without feeling too thick.

    May holding the tube of Prior cream

    Then I tried the Juice Beauty bamboo pore-refining mask. It's made with bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay to suck out all the impurities deep in your pores. But if you have dry skin, fear not! It also has Aspen bark as an ingredient that hydrates and nourishes.

    Next up was the Aurelia probiotic skincare night cream. Off the bat, I really liked the light and floral scent of this product. The packaging and thick cream inside feel super high-end. It's loaded with probiotics that help balance the skin by triggering your own skin's immune system.

    May holding the jar of night cream

    Then I grabbed the Alterna Caviar foam hair conditioner. The cloud-like consistency is meant to give your hair volume if you have thin or flat hair (it looked so much like marshmallow fluff, I wanted to eat it). I thought it was so much fun to use, and it left my hair feeling very silky sleek.

    The Korres Greek yoghurt foaming cleanser was next in the box. This cream-to-foam formula felt v nice and cool on the skin and didn't strip my face dry. It even has a touch of probiotics to nourish your skin even more.

    I tested the Verso micellar water on some mascara and it wiped it right off! This stuff is like magic in a bottle. Even though it feels like regular water, it's infused with little molecules that lift off dirt and dead skin like nobody's business.

    I was happy to find the Daily Concepts massage brush in the LookFantastic beauty box, because I've been meaning to buy one for a while. Dry brushing improves circulation, exfoliates your skin, and smooooths it all out. I was simultaneously horrified and impressed at how much dry skin flaked off my leg when I tried it.

    And lastly, The Organic Pharmacy lip and eye cream is a ~thicc~ cream that'll keep your most delicate areas nourished. This stuff is packed with organic ingredients (like squalene and aloe) that felt hydrating and long-lasting.

    Overall I was really happy with the selection of products and I'm so excited to add them to my beauty routine! I felt refreshed and glowing after using all of these beauty box goodies.

    Subscribe now to treat yourself to a monthly LookFantastic beauty box, and don't forget to use our code BUZZFEED for 20% off!!!

    the beauty box

    You when you open your beauty box:

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