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    18 Outfits & Accessories That'll Make You Feel Glam During All Your Holiday Get-Togethers

    The path to the appetizer table will be your runway.

    1. A sweater dress that'll keep you feeling comfy and cozy from day to night. Reviewers say it's flattering on just about everyone because of the adjustable tie belt around the waist.

    2. A pair of statement earrings that'll be the perfect finishing touch for your most glamorous ~lewk~. Reviewers love how sparkly and shiny they are!

    person putting on their right earring

    3. A satin dress with a relaxed fit that's light enough to keep you cool if you're planning on dancing the night away. The straps are adjustable, so you can jig them around to get the perfect fit around your chest and shoulders.

    4. A corset top that you can wear alone or under a sheer blouse. Reviewers love how the underwire flatters their cleavage area and gives 'em a *boost*.

    three colours of the corset top laid on top of each other

    5. A pair of buttery-soft Gisele faux leather pants if the jamboree you're heading to is a little more laidback (but not quite jeans-and-a-tee casual). They're a total dupe for the Aritzia Melina Pants and reviewers say they have the perfect amount of stretch.

    a person wearing the faux leather pants with an oversized shacket

    6. A sequin mini dress with a strappy open back if you're looking for something super fun and shimmery. The sequins are irridescent, so the colours will change depending on how the light hits 'em.

    7. A satin wrap midi skirt that would look really cute with either a crop top or knit sweater (or both!). It has a zipper closure, so you won't have to constantly adjust any awkward elastic bands.

    person wearing the skirt with black boots

    8. A pair of Sheertex tights that are virtually indestructible, so you won't have to worry about them ripping when you party a little too hard. They'll help smooth out any underwear outlines, too.

    person wearing the tights and pushing out the tights from inside

    9. A pair of gorgeous rhinestone bow heels that are both ultra glam *and* a perfect dupe for the Mach & Mach designer pumps.

    10. A diamanté maxi dress that you can slip over any outfit to instantly glitz it up. Don't forget to turn the flash on when you take pics in it!

    person leaning on a fireplace with the dress on a crop top and skirt surrounded by disco balls and ballons

    11. A fur-trimmed jumpsuit if you like the mobility of pants, but still want to dress up. The straps are removable, so you can also rock it as a tube top.

    12. A velvet wrap midi dress that's so soft and stretchy, you'll be comfy all night. Reviewers rave that the V-neck is super flattering, without being so loose that it might cause a potential nip-slip situation.

    A person wearing the dress taking a photo of themselves in their bathroom before they go out

    13. A sherpa coat that'll keep you warm while you party hop, while being long enough to not look awkward over a dress. If there's a gust of wind, you can always pop the collar and stick your hands in the pockets to stay cozy.

    model wearing the sherpa jacket with jeans on it

    14. A rib-knit midi dress if you're into simple 'n' basic looks. It'll give you plenty of coverage, so you won't have to worry about adjusting anything throughout the night.

    15. A furry handbag that'll fit all of your party-going essentials, (like your phone and wallet) without feeling heavy or clunky. And when you're feeling pooped at the end of night, you can just use it as a pillow on the Uber ride home.

    a close up of the furry purse around the model's arm

    16. A chiffon blouse that's office-dress-code-friendly and would look great with literally any bottoms. It has a double-lining around the body (for coverage), with sheer sleeves for a bit of variety.

    person wearing the blouse with a leather mini skirt

    17. A pair of high-waisted plissé pants if you live in loungewear, but want to level up from your sweats and hoodie combo. Pick up the matching shirt to make it a perfect set!

    person walking down steps outside with the set and a small purse

    18. And lastly, a super versatile layered dress that you can wear a bunch of different ways, so you can sneakily change up your look without having to buy multiple outfits. Reviewers say you can even pull up the bottom and wear it as a top!

    You, struttin' your way into every function this season:

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