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    26 Amazon Canada Treats That Won't Hurt Your Bank Account (They're All Under $9)

    That's less than a fancy latte these days!

    1. A pack of Fruit Roll-Ups so you can finally try that ice cream trend that's been going around on TikTok. The sweet snack will totally bring you back to your childhood (and you won't have to share with your classmates).

    person holding one of the fruit rollups

    2. A sandwich box that'll keep your BLT from getting smushed in your lunch bag. You'll never have to fuss about missing lids or finding a plate to eat off of ever again!

    person holding the sandwich out of the box

    3. A teeny scoop that'll help you portion out the perfect amount of coffee in the morning. It has a slot on the back to fit it onto the lid of any OXO POP container.

    person pouring coffee into a drip coffee maker

    4. A beaded bookmark with a nerdy unicorn so you can keep your place in whatever juicy novel you're currently reading.

    the bookmark on a background of confetti

    5. A mini bottle of micellar water that'll pick up any makeup and cleanse your skin (which is espesh convenient after a late night out). Plus, it's carry-on friendly!

    May holding the bottle of micellar water

    6. A Hello Kitty necklace so you can relive some of that childhood nostalgia. It's made of silver-plated stainless steel so it won't go turning green on ya.

    the hello kitty shaped silver necklace

    7. A Coca-Cola lip balm that'll make your lips feel super soft and satisfy your soda craving when you can't get your hands on a can. It's slightly tinted, giving your kisser a smidgen of colour.

    the coca cola flavour and cherry coca cola flavour lip smackers next to each other

    8. A bag of pistachio Lindt chocolates that are much yummier than milk chocolate alone. It has that same melty texture that reviewers love, and the individual wrapping makes them easy to share.

    person unwrapping a chocolate

    9. A tube of Colgate charcoal toothpaste that'll help you stay on top of your dental hygiene routine, but won't leave you struggling to get the last dregs (you'll be able to see every last drop come out).

    victoria holding a tube of the charcoal-infused colgate toothpaste

    10. A shaving cream that'll help your razor glide across your skin more smoothly (wet or dry!). It's packed with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, so you won't even need to use lotion after.

    11. A pack of jumbo sticky notes that'll actually give you enough room to jot down some important points. They have divider tabs at different heights, so you can separate your notes by chapter or importance.

    the sticky note on a notebook with notes on it

    12. An unscented roll-on deodorant that'll keep you feeling fresh all day long. It goes on clear, so you won't have to worry about getting white marks all over your clothes when you change.

    person rolling the deodorant on

    13. A teeny bottle of scented oils that'll cover your trail if you have to ~go~ in public or at a friend's house. It's super concentrated, so a drop is all you'll need (and the bottle will fit in your purse for on-the-go emergencies).

    person using the dropper in a toilet

    14. A vinyl cat decal that'll add some cuteness to your life. Pop it on wherever you like, from your car to your laptop.

    the cat decal

    15. A bottle of soothing body wash made with oatmeal and shea butter that'll give your bod the moisture it needs. Reviewers love that it's cruelty-free and is made with natural and plant-based ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

    May holding the bottle of body wash

    16. A bendable phone holder you can use to attach your phone to a seat or to prop the device up on its own. Reviewers say it's a must-have for air travel since it can hook onto the tray table.

    17. A glass-cleaning kit you can use to keep your spectacles or screens sparkling. The included microfibre cloth is super soft and won't scratch your stuff or leave streaks behind.

    person spraying their phone with the cloth underneath

    18. A bottle of Frank's RedHot buffalo seasoning if all your meals are missing is a little bit of ~spice~. Unlike the hot sauce, you can use it on dry foods (like popcorn or sunflower seeds) without getting them all soggy.

    the bottle of seasoning next to a seasoned bowl of popcorn

    19. A tube of Got2B Glued Spiking Glue that has some serious sticking power, but won't get crusty. Reviewers use it to glue down their wigs, laminate their eyebrows, style their moustaches, and spike their hair up.

    A before and after of May's baby hairs

    20. A pair of exfoliating gloves that'll help you buff away dead skin and dirt in the shower. Reviewers say they're sturdier than a regular loofah and make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places, like their back or toes.

    person in the bath scrubbing their leg with the glove

    21. An e.l.f. beauty sponge that'll help you blend your makeup like a pro (reviewers say it performs just as well as higher-end brands). Between the precise corner and the flat edge, you'll be able to do pretty much everything, from concealing to contouring.

    the beauty sponge with some foundation on it

    22. A pack of Starburst minis that you won't have to spend eternity unwrapping to enjoy. They're small enough to throw into a homemade trail mix or your popcorn for a sweet and sour punch.

    the mini candies next to a popcorn

    23. A pack of sassy planner stickers that come with a variety of useful event markers (like paydays and weddings) and are actually pretty darn motivating.

    Several sheets of swear-y stickers

    24. A fun confetti-printed spatula that'll help you mix and scoop any batters or sauces. Reviewers also like using it for scraping out smoothies from their blenders or grabbing the last bit of peanut butter from the tub.

    the spatula on a cutting board with cupcakes half of them which are iced and sprinkles everywhere

    25. A caramel brownie mug cake mix that'll take just a minute in the microwave. All you'll have to do is add water or milk (it even comes with a caramel sauce to drizzle on top).

    the mug cake in a mug with caramel sauce on it next to a spoon

    26. And finally, a pack of silicone twist ties that'll do everything from organize your cables to keep your veggies in place while you steam them. You can adjust the tightness and reviewers say they stay in place.

    the ties around asparagus

    You to everything on this list:

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