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    24 Pairs Of Shoes From Browns That Are On Sale Right Now (Up To 70% Off!)

    Sandals, sneakers, and more!

    Browns is having an up-to 70% off sale on literally thousands of pairs shoes, and the timing could not be better. Summer is HERE and I am HERE for this sale.

    Take a look for yourself, but I made a list of all the things I have my eyes on 👀:

    1. A pair of sparkly Michael Kors slides that show that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. They have Velcro closures, so you can adjust them to fit your feet perfectly.

    2. These Lacoste canvas shoes that are crisp, clean, and airy. They're perfect to pack in your pool or lake bag, since they're so lightweight.

    person sitting by the pool wearing the shoes

    3. A pair of Dr. Marten sandals for that edgy look you love, but made for warmer weather. They have adjustable ankle closures, so they won't rub around and give you blisters.

    4. These Michael Kors espadrilles that'll look great paired with anything from a summer dress to a pair of jeans. They're easy to slip on and off, making them the perfect low-maintenance footwear.

    person sitting at picnic with the shoes on

    5. A pair of cozy slipper booties that are perfect for anyone who always has cold feet. They're made for both indoor and outdoor wear, so you won't have to waste any time getting out the door when you've got errands to run.

    person with the boots on

    6. A pair of suede loafers that you'll want on hand for any event, since they can be dressed up or down. Jeans and a T-shirt? Check. Chinos and a button-down? Also check.

    person sitting on the grass with the shoes on

    7. A pair of adidas sneakers that are adorned with little hearts and red details. If you have a hard time buying anything plain, the subtle design on these will still satisfy your eye for detail but still match with all your wardrobe.

    8. A pair of B2 heeled sandals that are a tad dressier than regular sandals, but these won't hurt your ankles by the end of the night. The square-shaped ends will give your toes a little more room to stretch out compared to shoes with rounded ends.

    9. A pair of adidas NMDs that are just as nice to wear during a workout as they are for a night out on the town. They have a special cushioning that's designed to give you a little extra pep in every step.

    the shoes in two colours

    10. A pair of Michael Kors wedges that'll give you all the height you love without the ankle-breaking pain of stilettos. They're still dressy enough that you can wear them to a summer wedding (without sinking into the grass or sand).

    persons feet up with the shoes on

    11. A pair of slip-on sock sneakers from The Wishbone Collection, if messing around with laces isn't your vibe. They also look a lot sleeker than a regular pair of sneaks (and are less of a tripping hazard).

    person holding onto the tab of the shoe

    12. A pair of Hugo Boss slides, if you like letting your feet breathe a little. They're water resistant, so they'll make great companions for adventures at the beach, too.

    person with the slides on by the water

    13. A pair of comfy Browns faux fur-lined mules that you can wear inside or out. Whatever your preference, they have an adjustable band on the front so your slippers won't literally slip off.

    person sitting on couch wearing the shoes which are on the carpet

    14. A pair of fluffy Dr. Martens sandals that are tons of fun. If bold shoes are your jam, these fuzzy platforms might just do the trick for ya.

    the shoes

    15. A pair of New Balance sneakers with memory foam insoles, so every step feels like you're walking on a cloud. They're '70s-inspired, which is pretty groovy, if you ask me.

    person sitting in a park with the shoes on an a pile of citrus

    16. A pair of knit Cole Haan sneakers that are inspired by stylish Oxfords but have the breathability and flexibility of sneakers. Whether you're hanging out at the park or have to go back in the office, these babies are made for comfort.

    person with his feet up while video chatting

    17. A pair of Michael Kors jelly sandals that are made of waterproof PVC, meaning they'll become your favourite new summer shoe.

    18. This pair of combat boots from The Wishbone Collection with teeny pockets that you can store your cash or hand sanitizer in. And don't worry if those laces look intimidating, because these boots actually zip closed (the laces are just for tightening).

    person wearing the shoes standing on a hardwood floor

    19. A pair of Hunter shoes that are made of the same water-resistant material that you love on rainboots, but made for the summer. They also have a removable inner lining that'll make it comfier for you when you're walking around.

    the shoes in a canoe

    20. A pair of Michael Kors thong sandals that are a bit more glam than your typical flip flops. The gold details are the perfect accessory to pair with that brand-new bathing suit you just splurged on.

    person wearing the shoes in the sand

    21. A pair of close-toed Brown's wedges that you'll be super thankful for on days where you want to dress up, but your pedicure is looking a lil' funky. The wedges aren't too high either, so you'll still be able to walk around in them.

    person lying in the grass with the shoes on

    22. A pair of strappy sandals from The Wishbone Collection in the perfect shade of brown that'll go with literally everything in your closet.

    person's feet with the shoes on sitting on a picnic table

    23. A pair of leather Sperry boat shoes that are hand sewn and will last you for years. Since they're made for life by the water, a little splash won't ruin them (the sole has wet/dry traction and the eyelets are all rust proof).

    person on a dock with the shoes on

    24. And finally, a pair of The Wishbone Collection clear strappy heels that'll make your outfit the star of the show (and save you hours trying to match your shoes with your clothes). They're also great for showing off a fresh pedi at any of your special events this summer.

    So what are you waiting for? Go check out all the amazing footwear that Browns has on sale right now!

    You to all the shoes on this list:

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