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    25 Father's Day Gifts To Spoil Your Dad With This Year

    Treat them to something nice.

    1. A 3D printer, if your dad is always designing or building something. Reviewers say it's a nice introductory machine with great print quality that doesn't leave ripples.

    the 3D printer next to a 3D printed bike

    2. A firewood rack that'll give them a place to properly store all their logs for cozy fires at the camp or cottage. It's elevated to keep the wood safe from bugs and dirt and it comes with a cover to keep the wood from getting soggy.

    the log rack filled with logs and a cover

    3. A pair of prism binoculars, if your pops is an avid birdwatcher or stargazer. It has a smartphone mount, so they can record a video or take a photo of their rare spottings.

    the binoculars in a bag

    4. A versatile Amazon Show that’ll help them set an alarm, keep a calendar, check the news, and set reminders, so they’ll be up to speed and ready for their day before they’re even out of bed. And if you get one, too, you’ll be able to video chat with them!

    The Show on a table

    5. A hammock (with the stand) that'll become their new favourite lounging spot. If you really want to spoil them, pair it with a Kindle, so they can spend they afternoons swingin' and readin'.

    person lying in a hammock

    6. A handy tool organizer that'll help them sort out their messy shed once and for all. Reviewers love how easy it is to grab their tools, since they each have their own clasp.

    shovels and rakes in the tool organizer

    7. A smart thermostat that'll help your dad get the temperature of their home just right. It'll also help them save some moolah on their electricity bill, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

    The ecobee smart thermostat

    8. A waterproof bike bag that'll give them a place to put their keys, cash, sunnies, and phone while they cycle. The phone pocket has a thin, clear cover, meaning they'll still be able to check their directions and change their tunes.

    an iphone in the case on a bike  that's wet

    9. And this indoor bike converter that'll turn their wheels into a stationary bike, so they can still cycle when the weather is dreary. It has six resistance levels that'll help them train for any kind of situation.

    person on the bike that's on the converter

    10. A foot spa that'll massage their trotters with rolling massagers that have little nodes to deeply stimulate their muscles. It's basically a jacuzzi for their feet (since a real jacuzzi just isn't quite in the budget yet).

    the foot bath with water in it

    11. A weather-resistant North Face duffle bag that'll fit all of their things, whether it's for a weekend fishing trip or daily use. There's a mesh pocket for smaller goods, a side pocket for shoes, and a separating compartment that'll help them split their wet clothes from their dry clothes.

    12. A magnetic phone mount that's so discreet, it'll look like part of their car. Since it's round, their phone will get a full range of motion when they're using it.

    13. A Theragun Prime that'll help them punch out all of their aches and pains. It comes with four differently-shaped attachments to help them target specific areas.

    14. A bottle opener, if your dad thinks sports and beer are the perfect combo. It'll snap onto any magnetic surface and the little basket will catch their caps, if they like to collect them.

    15. A portable tire pump to keep with them for those unfortunate flat-tire moments. It has a built-in pressure monitor, so they can measure exactly how much air they're pumping. It's also got a handy flashlight, so they can use it at night.

    the pump next to a tire in the day and in the night

    16. This inflatable kayak, so they can go on an adventure during their next trip to the lake. It’s light and easy to carry, but is sturdy enough to comfortably seat two people (with leg space to spare).

    people paddling on the kayak

    17. A water bottle with a secret mist button that'll keep them cool as a cucumber this summer after a hike or bike ride. It's also insulated, so it'll keep their water icy cold for longer.

    18. An eye massager that’ll use air pressure to knead the area around their peepers when they’re tired from staring at a screen all day. It also has heat and Bluetooth settings, so they can connect their devices and really relax.

    person with the eye massager on

    19. A pair of adjustable trekking poles if they can't quite hike like they used to and would appreciate the support. They come with a ton of different tip accessories that'll help them tackle any terrain.

    person with the poles

    20. A footrest pillow that'll give them somewhere to prop their feet more comfortably, if they work on the computer all day long. And if their legs get restless when they sit for too long, they can also flip it over and rock them back and forth using the curved side.

    21. A very neat levitating globe that rotates for your travel-loving pa. It looks really cool in the dark and also doubles as a nightlight, since the base has built-in LED lights.

    the globe in the magnetic base

    22. A pack of fermentation lids that'll help your hands-on dad make their own pickles, kimchi, or sauerkraut. They fit on most wide-mouth glass jars and will help vent out gases, so they won't have to burp their concoctions every day.

    the kit with jars full of veggies

    23. A Nespresso machine that'll help them make coffees and espressos that are rich and creamy. It comes with an Aeroccino milk frother, so they can craft up some lattes or cappucinos, too.

    24. A 4D Game of Thrones puzzle that'll help them explore the world of Westeros and Essos (and kill a few hours in the process). If they're a fan of the franchise, it'll help them understand how everything is connected and where everything went down.

    the map fully constructed

    25. And lastly, a CamelBak hydration pack that'll keep them hydrated while they're out working or exercising. It can hold up to 2.5 litres of water and they can easily sip handsfree, so it'll last them on even a long hike or bike ride.

    Don't forget to throw in a nice card for your pops!

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