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    29 Products That'll Help You Change Up Your Home Decor

    🎵Let me upgrade you!🎵

    1. A roll of herringbone wallpaper that'll add a little bit of ~spice~, if you're tired of staring at the same four walls all day. It's made of removable vinyl, so you won't have to commit to it, if you like to change up your style often.

    A desk against a wall with the wallpaper

    2. Or these triangle wall decals that'll let you completely customize the layout of your design. They'll stick to any smooth surface, so you can give your furniture a little extra flair, too.

    a wall full of the triangle decals

    3. A set of frames that'll help you get started on that gallery wall you've been wanting forever. They come pre-filled with abstract prints, so you won't have to give yourself a headache looking around for matching pictures.

    the four frames with the abstract prints inside on the wall

    4. This fringe stool that'll add some fun boho vibes to your room. You can use it as a foot rest or as seating for a low desk or vanity (or for kids).

    the stool in front of a couch

    5. A pack of backsplash stickers that'll give you the subway tile look you've always wanted, at a fraction of the cost. They're waterproof, so you won't have to worry about them peeling off if you splash them a few times.

    the backsplash in a laundry room

    6. This cactus pillow that'll add a touch of gold to your bed or couch. The cover is removable, so you can easily wash it or use it with a different cushion.

    the cactus pillow on a bed as an accent pillow

    7. Or this plush cushion that'll be a dream to cuddle up with. It's made of faux fur, and reviewers rave about how soft it is.

    the soft pillow on a couch with a throw

    8. And an equally luxurious throw that'll keep you warm and cozy while you binge Netflix or work from home. Your guests will never believe you got it for less than ten bucks.

    the throw on a bed with pillows around it

    9. A pack of gold handles that'll instantly make any drawer or cabinet unit look more expensive. They come with all the screws you'll need (in two thicknesses), so you won't have to hunt down extra hardware.

    a bathroom dresser with the knobs installed

    10. These elegant velvet curtains that'll match your moody room aesthetic and block out light. They're designed with hidden tab suspension, if you don't like the look of curtain rings.

    the curtains on a window in a room with velvet couches and magazines

    11. Or a banana leaf print curtain that'll make you feel like you're in a dreamy tropical destination. Reviewers love how the print stands out when the sun shines through them.

    the banana leaf curtains on a window next to a wall and lamp

    12. And a brass curtain rod that'll complete the look. It comes with matching brackets that'll help you mount it on the wall and keep the look together.

    the curtain rod

    13. A pack of hairpin table legs that'll give any piece of furniture an instant mid-century modern vibe. The shorter ones will lift heavy furniture like your bed, so you can clean underneath them more easily or create some extra storage space.

    14. A jar of chalk paint that'll transform any surface into a chalkboard that you can draw or write on. It'll also give any piece of furniture or decor a matte terracotta look.

    15. A pack of stencils, if you want to get creative with your cabinets or tiles. They're made of a thick-but-flexible material, so you can just wash them off and reuse them as many times as you want.

    16. A pack of artificial ivy garlands that'll turn any room into a garden oasis, without the maintenance (if you don't exactly have the greenest thumb). Reviewers love pairing them with fairy lights to make them that much more whimsical.

    17. This stoneware plant saucer that'll help your plant drain properly, while replacing that ugly plastic plate you're currently using. It's glazed, so it'll be super easy to clean if it catches some dirt, too.

    18. A roll of marble contact paper that'll instantly upgrade your furniture or counters without having to completely take them apart. They're water resistant, so they'll be fine to use in the bathroom or kitchen, too.

    19. Or a marble peel and stick tile, if you want to tackle your floors without breaking the bank. Reviewers say the adhesive works well on different subflooring, without lifting or peeling.

    a bathroom floor covered in the peel and stick flooring

    20. A pack of mirrored butterfly stickers that'll catch the light and make your room sparkle. You can also use them on your fridge, windows, and even as decor for a special occasion.

    the butterfly stickers on a wall

    21. A pendant light that's a sleek alternative to your bulky ceiling fan. Make sure to pick up an Edison bulb for the perfect warm, cozy glow.

    three of the pendant lights hanging over an island

    22. A floating shelf that'll give you extra storage space and somewhere to display your prized possessions. It's handmade, stained, and coated, so you'll end up with a completely custom piece of furniture.

    the floating shelves with alcohol bottles

    23. A shower head that'll make you feel like you're bathing in the rain. It rotates, so you'll be able to jig it around to the angle that works best for you.

    the shower head with water coming out of it

    24. A bottle of plant-based wood oil that'll be like a breath of fresh air for your timber furniture. It'll clean off dirt and grime, and help the wood last longer, while leaving a pleasant citrus scent.

    25. A chevron rug that'll keep your feet from freezing first thing in the morning. It's long enough that it'll make a perfect fit in a hallway or as a mat for stretches.

    the rug on a hardwood floor next to a bed

    26. A sofa cover that'll turn your couch into a brand new piece of furniture. It'll be great if you're changing up the colour scheme in your home or don't want to drop big bucks on a new one.

    a before and after of a couch with the cover on

    27. A set of floating bookshelves that'll make your books look like they're magically suspended in the air. They're a sleek alternative to a bookshelf, and you won't have to croon your neck to figure out which book is which.

    28. A clothing rack that'll free up some space if your closet is about to burst. You can use it to display your go-to pieces, and it even features a little shelf to show off your best kicks or accessories.

    the rack with clothes and shoes

    29. And lastly, this minimalistic clock that looks like a piece of art. You can scale it to any size you want to fit the look or space that you're working with.

    the clock on a wall

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