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    If Acrylic Decor Is Your Aesthetic, Then Here Are 34 Products You Might Love

    Bright, airy, and oh-so shiny.

    1. A set of risers that'll help you display your most prized possessions (like figurines, skincare, and collectibles). Reviewers also love using them for their plants, and say that they allow every last leaf to soak up the sun.

    figurines displayed on acrylic stands

    2. And a pair of riser stands that are perfect for displaying groups of items like nail polishes. Reviewers also love using them to display baked goods at special occasions.

    3. A stylish rolling bar cart that'll blend right in with whatever decor you already have going on. It's also great for creating more storage space in smaller rooms, or as a bedside table.

    the cart with tea accessories on the top and martini glasses and an ice container on the bottom

    4. A scrunchie tower that'll keep all your stretchy hair accessories organized, if you're always losing them. It'll save you a ton of drawer space, and you can throw your elastics or watches on it, too.

    three scrunchies on the tower

    5. This acrylic chair that'll look very chic at your vanity or in your home office. Reviewers say it's comfortable, since the back has a little bit of give when you lean back.

    the chair in a room on a carpet

    6. And this bar stool for your kitchen island or standing desk.

    the acrylic chair

    7. Or a fully acrylic chair that'll make your room look extra spacious.

    the four chairs at a table

    8. A line art portrait that's a lovely way to capture a special memory, if you're into minimalistic decor. It makes a great gift and even comes with a sturdy wood stand.

    the portrait on a stand with a portrait of a couple and a date

    9. A tissue box cover that'll look much neater than a regular cardboard box (and actually match your aesthetic). It'll look more like a piece of decor than a flu-season necessity.

    tissue box with tissues in it

    10. A mini table that can be used both vertically or horizontally. It's perfectly portable, so you can bring it along with you if you don't want to buy a table for every room in your home.

    the table being used on a couch, on a bed, next to a couch, and in a playroom

    11. A pair of minimalistic containers that'll help you organize your stationery. You'll actually be able to see what's inside them, so you won't have to dig around to find that one eraser you love.

    acrylic container on desk

    12. A dry erase writing board, so you can jot down all of your bright ideas. It's great for studying, brainstorming sessions, or even just to doodle when you're bored.

    the board on a wall

    13. A four-piece vanity unit that'll store all of your cosmetic goodies. They're stackable, so you can rearrange them in any way that fits your space.

    14. Or this beauty carousel that'll keep your skincare and makeup products within reach. Reviewers love that the trays are adjustable, so all of their holy grail goodies fit.

    skincare product filled beauty carousel on table with person reaching towards it

    15. A cute sheep container that'll hold your cotton swabs, toothpicks, or other bits and bobs. The handy little cover will protect your tools from splashes and dust (because who wants to use a dirty toothpick?!).

    the sheep containers on a table, one filled with toothpicks and one with cotton swabs

    16. And this container that's made just for toiletries. It has a slotted cotton pad holder, so you can easily slide one out when you're ready to do your skincare routine.

    the container filled with toiletries and cotton pads

    17. A set of closet dividers that'll keep your stacks of clothes from tumbling over. They'll conveniently clip onto your shelves, so you can adjust them however you want.

    closet items separated by the dividers

    18. A slotted organizer that'll help you manage all of your beloved makeup palettes, so you won't have to dig through a pile every time you're looking for one specific colour. It's also great for organizing your important mail and documents at your desk.

    eyeshadow palettes in the display

    19. A clipboard that's great for taking handwritten notes, if you like to work from your couch or bed. It'll also make a great piece of decor, if you clip on a photo or your favourite quote.

    the clipboard with a piece of paper on it next to some home decor

    20. A monogram keychain that'll help prevent you from grabbing the wrong set of keys. You can also clip it onto your wallet or purse for a little extra flair.

    a set of the keychains on a table

    21. A handy shelf that'll keep your keys and mail in one place, so they'll never go missing again. The hooks are long enough that they'll be able to hold your coat and bags, too.

    the mail and key shelf mounted on a wall in the garage

    22. A tea organizer that'll help you banish those half-empty boxes for good. It’ll hold up to 100 bags of your favourite blends (it’s double-sided) in neat little removable bins, so you won’t accidentally grab English breakfast instead of chamomile before bed.

    the tea stand filled with tea bags

    23. And a trio of containers, if you want to set up a beverage station with all of your favourite add-ins. They're also handy in the bathroom to store toiletries or bath products.

    the three containers on a counter filled with nespresso pods, sugar packets and stir sticks

    24. A monitor riser that'll free up some prime desk real estate and help your posture in the process. It's also great for adding some extra space on your bookshelf or lifting your TV to a better viewing angle.

    person using a monitor with the riser underneath

    25. A versatile catch-all tray that'll keep all of your out-the-door essentials in one place, so you won't have to frantically search for them when you have places to be. Reviewers also love using it to display their perfumes and stationery products.

    the tray on a table with sunglasses and keys

    26. A floating shelf that'll hold all of your little ones picture books, without taking up too much space. Since it's wall mounted, you can install it to fit their height (and even adjust them as they grow up).

    27. These fridge bins that’ll organize all your grocery essentials, from your condiments to your veggies, in easy-to-find compartments. You’ll never forget about that mouldy slice of cheese at the back of the fridge again.

    produce, eggs, sauces, and juices in storage bins in the fridge

    28. An "impossible" puzzle that'll challenge your skills, if you've already mastered every puzzle you own. It's only 100 pieces, but here's the catch—they're all clear and you have to put it together using only the edges as a guide.

    the box of puzzle pieces

    29. A magnetic picture frame that'll highlight your favourite photo. The front and back snap together, so you won't have to fiddle around with latches and layers.

    a photo in the frame

    30. A knife block that'll save your fingers from getting nicked. The clear base will help you see which knife you’re reaching for, making for quick and easy kitchen prep.

    knives in the knife block

    31. A pair of bookends that are so discreet, you won't even remember they're there. They're great for keeping your books propped up on a shelf, when they don't quite fill the entire thing.

    books sandwiched between bookends

    32. A jewellery organizer that has five sliding layers, to help you store your precious accessories. Reviewers are able to store more than 40 pairs of earrings and love that it keeps their trinkets from getting tangled up.

    33. This chic end table that features two slots for books and magazines. It's sturdy enough to be used as a stool, if you're in pinch for extra seating (or just want to kick your feet up).

    the table next to a couch with magazines in the slots and a mug on the top

    34. And lastly, a trio of shoeboxes that'll give you some extra storage space (or keep your most prized footwear from getting smushed). They have doors that'll keep your kicks fully enclosed, so they won't sit there collecting dust.

    a closet with the

    Very chic and...

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