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    28 Things You Probably Need If You Plan To Spend All Summer By The Water

    Lake, ocean, or pool — you won't catch me unprepared!

    1. A sun canopy that'll shade you from the burning rays when it starts getting too hot out. The base can zip up to create a fully private tent to use when the lines for the changerooms are just a little too long.

    people inside the tent

    2. A 4-in-1 pool float that you can use to sit, lie, straddle, or drift with. It sits right below the waterline, so you'll be able to enjoy the sun on your face while cooling down your body in the water.

    two people in the pool with the floaties one straddling and one lying

    3. And a pack of drink floaties that'll keep your beverages close by. The pack comes with a bunch of different designs, so you won't get your drink mixed up with anyone else's.

    different photos of the floaties in a pool with various drinks in them

    4. A pair of waterproof phone cases that'll completely seal off your phone (or wallet) and keep it safe from dirt or water damage. Don't worry, you'll still be able to use your phone or touch ID through the plastic.

    the case with a phone in it

    5. A cooler tote, so you can bring all your essentials to your spot in one trip. It has two large front pockets and a removable cooler insert that you can use to stash your drinks and snacks.

    tote with a bottle in it on a towel on the ground

    6. A set of striped cabana towels that are ultra absorbent and big enough to lay out on. Reviewers love that they come in different colours, so they never get mixed up with whose is whose.

    a towel on a chair

    7. A pack of spiral hair ties that are waterproof and easier on your locks than traditional bands. The pack comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so you'll be covered no matter what outfit or hairdo you're donning.

    the ties in a plate

    8. A pair of collapsible bowls that you can fill with water (or food) to keep your fur baby hydrated. Reviewers love how compact they are to travel with and that they come with carabiner clips to carry easily.

    the bowl clipped onto a dog's harness

    9. The only picnic basket you'll ever need — it'll help you carry everything in one trip and stay upright while you use it. It's insulated and comes with two ice packs, meaning your drinks will stay cool until you get to your destination.

    person holding the picnic basket

    10. A pair of water shoes that'll protect your feet from sharp rocks and shells when you step into the lake or ocean. They're quick drying and have a non-slip sole, so you can comfortably wear them all day on virtually any adventure.

    person walking along the beach

    11. A can cooler that'll keep your drinks cold for hours. It comes with both a tightening lid and a sealable lid, meaning you won't have to worry about spills or dust getting into your can.

    the cooler with a can in it next to a corona can

    12. This handy foldable mat that you can lay out on the sand or dock when you're eating or hanging out. It also folds into a handy portable bag, so you can easily bring it around.

    13. A rechargeable fan that can keep you cool for up to 40 hours before you need to plug it back in. It also has a built-in lamp with three brightness levels, so you can use it to see your surroundings at night.

    person putting the fan in their bag

    14. An inflatable, stand-up paddleboard, so you can enjoy a leisurely ride on. It's big enough to fit two, but you can also use it to sunbathe on or even do yoga.

    person kneeling on the board

    15. Or this inflatable kayak, if you prefer seated adventures. It’s light and easy to carry, but is sturdy enough to comfortably seat two people (with leg space to spare).

    people paddling on the kayak

    16. A battery pack that'll fully charge your phone up to five times. Reviewers say it charges their devices at lightning speed and love that it's compatible with everything from tablets to wireless earphones.

    the battery pack charging a phone

    17. A frog ramp that'll save the little amphibians (and other critters) from drowning in your pool. It'll also save them from getting trapped in your skimmer basket, by giving them a way to get out.

    frog on the ramp

    18. A pair of trendy sunnies that'll go with everything and protect your retinas from burning under the sun. They're also great for hiding tired eyes when you stayed up a little too late the night before.

    person wearing the sunglasses

    19. A tube of paw balm that'll help protect your pet's toe beans from getting dry and cracked on the hot sand or metal deck. And don't fret if your fur baby is a serial licker, because it's made with all-natural ingredients.

    20. A water-resistant mineral sunscreen that's made with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and avocado oil. Mineral sunscreens are friendlier to ocean and lake creatures, and this brand also absorbs easily and is non-greasy.

    the sunscreen on a rock

    21. A sling chair that'll become your dedicated chill spot all summer long. It's nice and low, so it’ll fit under your canopy while you lean back and stick your legs in the sand.

    22. A beaver floatie that's pretty much the definition of Canadian. It'll support your loungey lake days (and you won't get it mixed up with all the pink flamingos that everyone else has — BORING!).

    person in the beaver floatie

    23. A versatile chiffon sarong that'll give you just a smidge of extra coverage (and upgrade your bathing suit). The material dries super quickly, so you can wear it into the water for a photo op without worrying about it getting wet.

    24. This waterproof speaker to give you good vibes on the dock or the pool deck. It's about the size of your palm and will give you up to five hours of non-stop tunes through Bluetooth.

    person holding the speaker

    25. A five-gallon water carrier, if staying hydrated is your No. 1 priority on a day out. It has a handy spigot, so you can easily dispense your favourite drinks without having to tip the whole thing over.

    person opening the valve for a drink to pour out

    26. A floating ball that you can throw around with your bestie without worrying about your toy sinking into the sea. It'll bounce on the water's surface, taking your game of catch to the next level.

    people throwing the ball at each other

    27. A nylon hammock that you can tie to some trees and hang out in. It's made of breathable material, so you won't have to worry about getting all sweaty inside of it.

    person sitting in the hammock

    28. And lastly, a sun hat that'll keep your face safe from UV rays and make your outfit ten times cuter. It has an adjustable inner band that you can use to get it to fit perfectly on your noggin.

    person smiling with the hat on

    What your life by the water is like without all these products:

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