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    25 Things That You Probably Need If You Miss The '90s

    Ah, the '90s, a simpler time when all that mattered was taking care of your Tamagotchi.

    1. This Fenty lipstick in a matte brown shade that was basically the lip colour of the decade. Reviewers love the staying power and say it doesn't budge when they wear it with a protective mask.

    2. Or this frosted Fenty lipgloss that is the total opposite of the matte brown lip, but was somehow equally trendy. Reviewers say that it's lightweight and doesn't feel sticky.

    3. These blue-light blocking glasses with extra large frames that'll give off some serious vintage ~vibes~. They're actually really practical for people who stare at screens all day, too. They'll help protect against eye fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches, so you'll be looking and feeling fresh.

    4. A pack of scrunchies that are gentler on your hair than regular elastics. You get 65 (!!!) freakin' scrunchies, so you can match any outfit you own AND you'll never need to buy another hair tie again.

    Six scrunchies laid out

    5. A Lip Smacker lip balm that'll hydrate your lips and delight your nostrils with the scent of a birthday cake frappe.

    6. A copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch that'll indulge you in the nostalgia of your favourite childhood games. This 3-in-1 will definitely bring back some memories.

    7. This Friends puzzle that'll make a fun afternoon activity for the fan who knows all the scenes by heart. It’s 1,000 pieces, so it won’t be a piece of cake, but it won’t take forever, either.

    completed puzzle on floor next to box

    8. A set of vinyl coasters that'll protect your tabletops from ring marks and scratches while giving your space a cool, retro vibe.

    six coasters spread apart around the packaging box

    9. A pack of resin hair clips that'll keep your hair out of your face in style. I mean, if tortoise shell doesn't scream '90s, I don't know what does.

    the ten clips on a table

    10. A pair of classic high top Chucks that'll go with literally any outfit. Converse might have started out as a basketball shoe, but you'll be able to get through any activity with these sturdy canvas kicks.

    person wearing the converse shoes

    11. A pair of Adidas track pants that'll replace the ratty sweats you've been wearing forever. The side pockets have snap buttons, so you won't have to worry about your phone falling out.

    person wearing track pants

    12. A pair of teeny sunglasses that'll have you channeling your inner Neo. They're probably more stylish than they are functional, but they'll make any outfit a little bit cooler.

    a pair of red and black small sunglasses

    13. A three barrel curling iron that'll give you a wavy mermaid-hair look that Christina Aguilera would be proud of. You'll even be able to achieve full '90s-style crimped hair, if you hold the barrel on your tresses for longer.

    person holding the barrel with their hair in it

    14. A fanny pack that'll hold all of your essentials while keeping your hands free. Reviewers love that the strap adjusts so they can wear it as a crossbody bag.

    person standing with the fanny pack around their waist

    15. A box of '90s trivia that'll unlock memories you didn't even know you had. It has a complementary Spotify playlist, so you can set the mood while you play.

    the box open with the trivia cards shown

    16. A pair of friendship necklaces that are a more subtle version of the half-heart necklaces of the past. They'll make a great Galentine's gift for your bestie who's always been there for you.

    two circles interlocking as a necklace

    17. A Revlon one-step hair dryer that'll help you achieve a supermodel blowout. The round brush will help you get those tapered ends that everyone had back in the day.

    18. An AirPod case that'll bring back memories of your favourite gaming device every time you open it. It comes with a clip, so you can hook it onto your bag or keychain.

    person holding the airpod case

    19. A tie-dye sweatshirt that's a little more subtle than its colourful predecessors. It has balloon sleeves, so it'll be super comfy for you to lounge around in.

    person wearing the tie dye sweatshirt

    20. A pair of rollerblades that'll help you zip from place to place in no time. They're made with a special moisture-wicking mesh that'll keep your feet dry.

    21. An original Tamagotchi, if you just want to relive your childhood memories. It'll also make a great gift for the little one in your life, so they can experience the same joys you did.

    the tamagotchi surrounded by flowers, nail polish, perfume, and a donut

    22. A Club Monaco heritage crest t-shirt, if you remember just how cool it was to walk around donning that round logo.

    person wearing the club monaco shirt

    23. This Urban Decay eyeshadow palette that features earthy tones that Drew Barrymore probably would have used (if she'd had it back then). Reviewers say the colours are super pigmented and love that they can be used for everyday glam, dramatic looks, and everything in between.

    swatches on different skin tones

    24. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer enamel pin for any superfan who watched the show religiously.

    a pin of an etch a sketch that says buffy will patrol tonight

    25. And lastly, this Spirited Away night light, if Studio Ghibli movies were your jam (and still are).

    kaonashi figurine from spirited away next to a lamp post that lights up

    You watching Sunday morning cartoons back in the day:

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