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35 Signs You Grew Up In Atlanta

You know you got excited in 2004 every time you heard those Atlanta shoutouts from Usher. A-town down.

1. Let's be serious. Chances are you grew up outside the perimeter.

2. What's more annoying than Shane's voice from the Shane Co. radio commercial, you ask?

3. If you would like a soft drink you ask for a Coke. Not soda, not pop (silly yankees). A Coke.

4. Chick-fil-A and Waffle House (aka Waho) are the finest culinary connoisseurs of fast food throughout the land.

5. Progression of an Atlanta sports fan's reactions throughout any given season.

6. And then there are Thrashers fans...

7. Tyler Perry and Ted Turner basically own your city.

8. You know that "Spaghetti Junction" is not something you order off the menu at Olive Garden.

9. If there's even a chance it's going to snow, you do not run, you do not walk, you flock to a grocery store.

10. You've spent more time at the CNN Center than actually watching CNN.

11. You'd seriously consider pulling a "between a rock and a hard place" rather than sitting on 285, 85, 75, or 400 during rush hour.

12. When people from other states complain about pollen and allergies, this is your reaction:

13. You wear flip-flops, Chacos, and/or Sperrys year round.

14. When taking tourists and out-of-town guests to the "sights" you ask for a side of hotdog with your grease from The Varsity.

15. Q100 and Star94 are your top 40 radio spots and 101.5's got your country music covered, but you still miss 95.5 the Beat.

16. If you're able to tell apart all the different "Peachtree" roads, you're one of us.

17. You've been harassed by at least one gem of a human being on MARTA.

18. If you want to play "Spot the Hipster" just take a drive through Little Five.

19. It's called "HotLanta" for a reason.

20. Saying you've climbed Stone Mountain.

21. You know that "Chattahoochee" is not a dirty word. Neither is "Shooting the Hootch," even though it sounds that way.

22. You're fully aware that the King and Queen Towers are not just skyscrapers, they're landmarks.

23. When anyone mentions Michael Vick...

24. ...and when outsiders continue to associate him with the Falcons.

25. Monica Pearson, Glenn Burns, or any of the other WSBTV anchors have interrupted your television programming. Most likely for a tornado or a shooting.

26. When outsiders ask if you know the Real Housewives of Atlanta...

27. Above the Mason Dixon Line when you ask for sweet tea: "So you want unsweetened tea with splenda?" NOPE. NO. I DO NOT.

28. You remember this gem.

29. Having the busiest airport in the world, you know you need to arrive no less than two hours early.

30. When people insist to you that dawg is spelled "dog."

31. When you found out The Walking Dead is filmed in Atlanta:

32. Your response to pretty much anything after eating at the Highland Bakery or Flying Biscuit...

33. You've run though the fountain at Centennial Park.

34. Accidentally driving near Lenox between Thanksgiving and New Years.

35. No matter where you are, you'll always know the lyrics to "Welcome to Atlanta."

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