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    15 Insanely Delicious Ways To Beet Your Hunger

    So beet it, just beet it...

    1. Beet & Pumpkin Pancakes

    2. Beet Red Velvet Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache

    3. Beet and Quinoa Veggie Burger

    4. Roasted Beet Tacos

    5. Beet Chip and Horseradish Sandwich

    6. Vegan Cream Cheese and Beet Tart

    7. Beetza

    8. Berry and Beet Smoothie Bowl

    9. Beet and Feta Tarte Tatin

    10. Beet Bread

    11. Beet Tahini Quinoa Salad

    12. Beet & Cucumber Nourish Your Body Smoothie

    13. Beet and Carrot Savory Muffins

    14. Roasted Beet Soup

    15. Beet Pesto Pasta