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EHOW To Shop Like Leo D!

We couldn't make this up if we tried.

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Shop Like a Boss

#1. Shop in your favorite comfortable clothing. DiCaprio is almost always spotted in his favorite cargo pants, baseball hat and sweatshirt.

#2. Hit Two Rodeo for upscale shops such as Christian Dior and Valentino. DiCaprio is often spotted stocking up on clothing from the stores there.

#3. Look for fair trade diamonds when shopping for jewelry. Leonardo learned quite a bit about the diamond industry when shooting "Blood Diamond." Now he limits his purchases to fair trade diamonds only.

#4. Head to Tiffany & Co. for classic jewelry. Leonardo often buys Christmas gifts for his friends and family from this jewelry retailer.

#5. Pick up something nice for your mother. DiCaprio is very close to his mother and is known to buy a few gifts for her when he is out shopping.

#6. Pay special attention to environmentally friendly products. Not only does DiCaprio drive a hybrid car, but he also purchased an eco-friendly condo in New York City.

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