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    What It’s Like To Be 35 And Single

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. But maybe that's not a bad thing?

    Does female freedom have an expiration date?

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    Meet Paula Schargorodsky. Thirty-five and single, Paula is no stranger to that silent question, "When will you settle down?"

    She's never been one to dream of her wedding day, instead choosing to trade white dresses and babies for a gypsy life and a demanding career.

    Not that she hasn't met her fair share of men. She spent her twenties like many women, free to do whatever she wanted. She had boyfriends, lovers, one-night stands- all while working and going to school.

    She fell in love countless times... but it never quite worked out.

    While Paula still doesn't know exactly where her love life will go, she learned a valuable lesson through her self-discovery...

    "Everything I was looking for was much closer than I thought. With someone or alone, in those glimpses when you love and accept yourself totally, the world around you changes. In the end, happiness is a choice."

    h/t The New York Times Op-Docs.

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