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    The Amazing Watermelon Hack You Have To See

    You'll need: A watermelon, a coat hanger, a drill, and a thirst for adventure.

    1. Cut a hole in the watermelon.

    2. Bend and shape coat hanger like so...

    3. Stick coat hanger into a drill to make a hand blender.

    4. Stick the drill into the watermelon and blend that sucker.

    5. Use a plastic cup to create a spout.

    6. Pro Mode: Draw a cute face so it looks like your watermelon is throwing up.

    7. Super Advanced Mode: Cut bottom of watermelon so it can stand on its own.

    Voila! You just hacked a watermelon smoothie.

    Check out the entire video tutorial, and don't forget to chill your watermelon beforehand.

    View this video on YouTube / Via