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    A Group Of Guys Replaced Their Friend’s Tap Water With Beer In The Most Epic Prank Of All Time

    This may or may not be an ad for beer company Tui. But either way, it might be the greatest thing that's ever happened in the history of ever.

    This is every beer lover's dream:

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    A group of guys waited for their friend to leave his house. Once he was gone, they started unloading the kegs.

    They crawled under his house, replacing each and every tap with beer.

    It wasn't a task for the faint of heart...

    But when they turned on the first faucet and ice cold amber ale started to flow out...

    It was ALL worth it!

    After re-plumbing all the tap water with kegs of beer, the boys installed cameras throughout the house to capture the magic.

    And then they waited.

    When their "mate" Russ got home and noticed he had beer flowing from every faucet in their house...

    He did what any true friend would do... He threw a party!


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