This YouTuber Watched A Video Of His Own Birth With His Mom By His Side And It Was Traumatizing

“What is that? Did you just pee on me?”

1. 24-year-old Tyler Oakley had the brilliant idea of watching an old home video of his own birth… with his mom by his side giving a play-by-play! Don’t worry, there’s a black box to cover up the most graphic parts!

2. First, mom explained what went down when her water broke.

3. Then Tyler had a shocking revelation.

4. Even though he knew how the story would end, Tyler still got a little scared when his birthing was four minutes out.

5. And once his head started coming out, Tyler’s face said it all…

6. After he was born, Tyler was not impressed with how he looked when he first entered the world.

7. And then he asked a question that he *really* shouldn’t have… “What is that all over me, it looks really vile?”

8. While the whole experience was a little much at times, in the end it was clear that birth really is a beautiful thing!

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