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This Woman's Dance Party Before Her Double Mastectomy Will Make You Happycry

A hospital gown has never looked so good.

Just moments before Deborah Cohan had both of her breasts removed, the OB-GYN and mother of two and her surgical team turned up Beyoncé's "Get Me Bodied" and threw a dance party in the operating room of Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco.

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On her CaringBridge page, Deborah asked that friends and family record themselves dancing to Beyoncé so that she would have awesome videos to watch during her recovery. “I have visions of a healing video montage,” she said. And they answered the call...

Here are Deb's colleagues at San Francisco General Hospital, who gathered in the hallway to bust a move in Deb's honor.

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Here are her friends John and Margaret, who joined in from Atlanta.

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Here are Nina, Tatiana, Felipe, and one very calm puppy, who got in on the action from Connecticut.

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And here's Deb's aunt Zella dancing in solidarity in her living room.

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According to Deb's CaringBridge page, "Deb's surgery was very successful. No visible lymph node involvement. She's in good spirits. Already did some walking. Amazing."