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Moms Swear By This Easy Trick To Get A Baby To Sleep In Less Than A Minute

All you need is a tissue.

Getting a baby to fall asleep is one of the hardest parts of being a new parent, but this trick might make it easier! New dad Nathan Dailo and his wife were able to put their 3-month-old to sleep in just 40 seconds, using nothing but a tissue!

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When Nathan's wife first started lightly brushing the tissue over baby Seth's face, he seemed very alert — fidgeting around and making cute little baby noises.

Nathan Dailo / Via

But as she continued stroking his sweet little face with the tissue, he slowly started closing his eyes...

Nathan Dailo / Via

...and became more and more calm...

Nathan Dailo / Via

Until he finally fell peacefully asleep.

Nathan Dailo / Via

On YouTube, Nathan wrote: "Really, any light touching on your baby's forehead area works too. Its just funnier with a tissue lol."

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Parents: Have you tried this?
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