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Moms Swear By This Easy Trick To Get A Baby To Sleep In Less Than A Minute

All you need is a tissue.

Getting a baby to fall asleep is one of the hardest parts of being a new parent, but this trick might make it easier! New dad Nathan Dailo and his wife were able to put their 3-month-old to sleep in just 40 seconds, using nothing but a tissue!

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When Nathan's wife first started lightly brushing the tissue over baby Seth's face, he seemed very alert — fidgeting around and making cute little baby noises.

But as she continued stroking his sweet little face with the tissue, he slowly started closing his eyes...

...and became more and more calm...

Until he finally fell peacefully asleep.

On YouTube, Nathan wrote: "Really, any light touching on your baby's forehead area works too. Its just funnier with a tissue lol."