Here Are 100 Amazing New Emojis That You’re Going To Want In Your Life Right Now

Why didn’t anyone ever think of a Paul Rudd emoji?

1. Tap the screen to pause. No sound needed.

2. Avery Monsen, who illustrated all 100 emojis and created the Vine, told BuzzFeed his three favorite in the series are “A Box Which Must Never Be Opened”…

Avery Monsen / Via

3. “Three Worms Pretending To Be One Long Worm” (not to be confused with “TWO Worms Pretending To Be One Long Worm”)…

Avery Monsen / Via

4. And “A Spectre Rises From A Seven Layer Fiesta Dip.”

Avery Monsen / Via

5. But they’re all seriously amazing! Here they are in all their glory.

Avery Monsen / Via

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