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    This Is The Funniest Ballet Routine You'll Ever See

    An awesome reminder to dance to the beat of your own drum... or in this case, piano.

    It's ballet like you've never seen it before...

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    The performance starts off like a typical ballet. Six beautiful women, wearing tutus and ballet slippers, enter the stage.

    But it quickly becomes clear that something's not quite right.

    Instead of each dancer performing each move in perfect unison, without making a single mistake...

    They kept missing cues...

    Bumping into each other...

    And just doing the completely wrong choreography at the completely wrong time.

    Luckily, they had one another to help keep themselves in line.

    And by the reaction of the audience, it seems like the slightly dysfunctional ballet was even more well-received than if it had been "perfect."

    SO Meta!