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This High School Senior Asked Her Boyfriend To Winter Formal In The Most Adorable Way

Because over-the-top marriage proposal videos are so 2013.

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As winter formal approached, Miranda Florer couldn't decide on just one way to ask her boyfriend Danny Roy to the dance, so she tried a few different ways...

First, she posed as a pizza delivery person and asked him to winter formal in a "cheesy" way.

Next, Miranda donned an epic banana costume, and told Danny she'd "go bananas" if he went to winter formal with her.

Then, she chugged from a gallon of milk, and asked Danny if he'd "MOOve" with her at winter formal.

Next, Miranda headed to the tennis court, where she finally "grew some balls" to ask Danny to winter formal.

Then she busted out her best fishy face and held up a sign that said, "Of all the fishes in the sea, you're the one for me! Winter formal?"

A group of Miranda and Danny's friends helped her to make the video extra special.

And she even got some of their favorite teachers involved in the fun!

Finally, Miranda went to Riley Wilderness Park, where the couple had their first kiss, and popped the question one last time.

Of course, Danny said yes, and the two will be going to winter formal on Saturday.

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