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This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend At Whole Foods A Year After Meeting Her At Register Two

They found love in an organic place.

After following Monica Dehombre around Whole Foods trying to strike up a conversation, Vladimir Romannikov finally came up with the perfect pick up line, "So you shop all organic huh?"

The two hit it off immediately, and after a year of dating, Vladimir knew exactly where he wanted to propose to Monica- the South Florida Whole Foods where it all began.

Vladimir told Monica he was taking her out to a nice dinner, but on the way he claimed he had a sudden craving for their favorite Whole Foods snack, yucca cheese rolls. So naturally, they stopped in.

Once in the store, the manager (who was in on the whole thing), got on the loud speaker and said, "Attention customers: Monica and Vladimir please report to register two."

Waiting at register two, where the couple had first exchanged words, there were rose petals and John Legend's "All of Me" (Monica's favorite song) was playing.

Vladimir got down on one knee and proposed, and of course, Monica said yes.

Congrats Monica and Vladimir! We wish you many years of love, happiness, and pesticide-free produce.

h/t WPTV.