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    Posted on Jul 3, 2014

    "The Fault In Our Stars" Author John Green Has An Awesome Argument For Why He Loves Makeup

    "When I wear makeup, I genuinely don't derive pleasure from thinking about how I'll look to people watching me... I just like the way I look, it makes me happy."

    While on tour for The Fault In Our Stars, author and popular YouTuber John Green had his makeup done by a professional every morning, and loved it, "I just looked so good, I felt so good about myself."

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    When I was younger, I basically thought women wore makeup for men, which speaks to a sick and very deep part of the patriarchy in which men imagine that women orient themselves toward attracting men instead of having like having meaning and pleasure in inside their own lives which has nothing to do with dudes.
    vlogbrothers / Via

    Green says that while he loves getting his makeup done, he probably be wearing it on a daily basis because he has been spoiled by professional makeup artists also doing it for him. But this GIF tells a different story...