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    This Rescued Baby Goat Walking For The First Time Using A Wheelchair Will Make You Misty-Eyed

    It's like a real life fairytale.

    Meet Frostie the snow goat, and prepare to fall in love.

    Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary / Via

    When Frostie arrived at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia, he had several ailments, the worst of which was a disease called joint naval ill, a life-threatening condition that took away his ability to use his hind legs.

    The fabulous men and women at the Farm Sanctuary decided to ask another one of their rescued animals, Leon Trotsky, if they could borrow his set of wheels to help out Frostie. Of course he obliged.

    So after lots of hugs and kisses, they placed Frostie into his new wheelchair.

    While it took a little time to get the hang of things...

    Frostie was cruising in no time!

    And from the looks of it, he's already making lots of new friends.