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Some Guy Drew A Penis On His Wife's Whiteboard Every Single Day For A Year

That's 365 days of dick. Semi-NSFW warning: This post is filled with dry-erase drawings of penises.

Back in February 2013, this guy's wife bought a whiteboard. When he told her he was going to draw a penis on it every day, she challenged him to do it for a year. So of course, he did.

For the first several weeks of the project he decided to show off his ability to draw animals.

After he exhausted all his animal options, he went through a lengthy food phase.

From there, he started reimagining classic art....

And famous European landmarks.

Then he moved on to some of the most well-known album covers.

When October hit, he turned his focus to Halloween...

Then Thanksgiving and Black Friday...

And finally Christmas and New Year's.

Of course, he had to add his commentary to the Sochi Olympics.

It was a stiff challenge, but in the end, he aced it.