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The Guy In Mac Lethal's "Cheating Girlfriend" Video Claims The Rapper Made Everything Up

Update: "Daryl," the guy whose picture was shown in the video, has said on Reddit that the whole situation was invented by Mac Lethal. The rapper responded to BuzzFeed News that he apologizes for not verifying the picture's authenticity.

"Daryl" from the video has taken to Reddit to disprove the whole song as a stunt perpetuated by rapper Mac Lethal, who he claims used a random picture of him and a female friend.

He wrote:

To clarify, Mac Lethal has fabricated everything about this.
Nicole didn't file a lawsuit. In fact, she doesnt even exist. I assume he changed the video because I contacted him to remove my image that he used without my consent, I got no reply, so I reported the video to youtube.
I'm the guy in the picture at the beginning of the original video. The girl with me isn't my gf or my ex or anything, it's literally just a picture of me and a friend taken in a bar. I'm not sure how Mac Lethal found it but family and friends were asking me about it, and frankly, it was kind of weird.
So yeah, mystery over, sorry everyone.
The worst bit in all of this is he photoshopped my shirt to be a horrible bathroom green colour.

Yesterday, Mac Lethal wrote on Facebook that the video was banned after Nicole filed a lawsuit against him.

In 2011, the rapper was also accused of fabricating his popular "Texts From Bennett" blog, which had led to a book deal. He denied that it was invented.

In an email, Mac Lethal told BuzzFeed News that someone emailed him the story for his upcoming advice video series, and that he didn't verify if the picture was actually them. He also apologized to the two people in the picture, and added that he has gotten lawsuit threats and won't be using pictures in the videos anymore.

The musician said:

In this particular situation, I was emailed by a guy who claimed to be named "Darryl," with a very elaborate story about his "girlfriend Nicole," claiming all the stuff you see in the video. This was the picture he included. I have no idea where he got it. Apparently it did not belong to him, and I'll venture to say he doesn't even know these people (who's names I will not use). While I should've verified the picture's authenticity, I truly should've just not used any photo at all, because the emails I received still sound completely plausible, and no one would've been hurt. For the record, I have received threats of lawsuits for libel and defamation over this. That's all I can say about it.

Either way, Merry Xmas, lesson learned, and most importantly, I'd like to give an apology to the two real people in the picture. I will not be using photos of other people in my videos anymore.

Below is the story as it originally appeared:

Rapper Mac Lethal recently got an email from a guy named Darryl. In the email, Darryl claimed he found out his girlfriend, Nicole, was cheating on him, and asked Mac to help him break up with her:

So being the awesome guy that he is, Mac obliged, in an EPIC way.

(The original video with over 2 million views has since been taken down)

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Mac made sure to include lots of references to the way Nicole allegedly cheated on Darryl. Like this ode to the Honey Nut Cheerios he found in the sink, which first tipped him off to the fact that she was being unfaithful (she doesn't eat gluten).

He also wrote the song to the beat of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," since Nicole was at a Taylor Swift concert when Darryl claims he decided to go through her Facebook messages and discovered she had been cheating.

He even dressed up as the six other guys Darryl says he discovered Nicole was cheating on him with.

And just in case she didn't get the memo from the rest of the video, he made sure to really spell it out at the end.