A Soldier Returned To His Frat House To Surprise His Girlfriend In This Heartwarming Video

There’s few moments in life as beautiful as what happens at 01:42.

1. On May 22, Sergeant Clark Rahman, a student at Florida State University and member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, arrived home from a nine-month tour in Afghanistan.

FSU PIKES / Via youtube.com

2. Clark was greeted at the airport with open arms by family and friends.

3. After saying hi and snapping some pictures…

4. Clark headed to his fraternity house at FSU. It’s safe to say he was happy to be back in the States.


5. His girlfriend, Lexi, and her sorority sisters were hanging out at the fraternity house along with Clark’s frat brothers, not knowing that he was about to arrive and surprise them all.

6. There’s not really words for what happened when Lexi saw her boyfriend walk into the party after being deployed for nine months…

7. But it was pretty magical. Welcome home Sgt. Rahman!

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