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    There Is Now A Prequel To "Chinese Food" And It's Just As Horrible And Creepy As You'd Expect

    The new video is called "ABCDEFG" and it's basically the creepiest thing ever.

    Patrice Wilson is back at it, this time with a prequel to Alison Gold's "Chinese Food."

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    The video starts out with a super creepy Patrice Wilson (the Panda in "Chinese Food") staring down at "Mister Wilson's Neighborhood."

    He then stumbles upon Alison Gold's bedroom and starts watching her through her bedroom window.

    After watching her as she does her homework, he lures her into a van called the "Wilson Wheel"...

    And drives her to a club.

    THEN Wilson opens up his creepy potion cabinet...

    And "drugs" her punch!

    THEN he turns the guy she's been crushing on during the video into a plate of Chinese food.

    Which she starts eating...

    Apparently making the segway into "Chinese Food."

    View this video on YouTube

    What the actually heck is the world coming to?