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Meet The Guy Who Claims To Live Inside A Landmark In The Middle Of New York City

Rent-free spinning cube in the middle of NYC's Astor Square? Sign. Me. Up. UPDATE: Yeah, it's definitely a stunt by lululemon founder Chip Wilson.

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Imagine if someone actually lived in the giant cube at Astor Place in NYC.

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This is "Dave." He's "37" and a "writer."

Dave claims (big emphasis on the word claims) he lives inside the Astor Place Cube in New York City.

With only 64 square feet to work with, Dave had to improvise when it came to decorating the place.

But he somehow managed to fit all the essentials...

But one problem most would think was a deal breaker for the rent free home- it spins. a lot.

"It's annoying."

If you haven't caught on yet, this is likely an elaborate advertisement for WHIL, a 60 second meditation technique created by Lululemon Athletica founder Chip Wilson and his wife, Shannon.

Either way, I'm calling all my friends in New York City and telling them to go spin the shit out of the Astor Place Cube tonight!

UPDATE: lululemon founder Chip Wilson is indeed behind this elaborate advertisement.

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