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This Man Spent The Last 40 Years Hand-Building An Amusement Park

"Do what you love and the money will follow."

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Forty-four years ago, Bruno opened two bottles of wine, hung some sausage from a tree, and waited to see if anyone would come to his tiny food stand in the middle of the Italian forest. Today, he's built an entire amusement park surrounding his family's restaurant, Ai Pioppi.

Soon after opening his restaurant, Bruno went to a welder because he needed some hooks for a chain. As the story goes...

"I went to the shop and asked if he could make four hooks. Do you know what he said? 'I don't have time for these kinds of things. If you know how to weld, the machine is over there. Do it yourself!' I wish he never said that. Because then I started..."


Bruno says he never imaged his restaurant turned amusement park would be such a great success. When asked about the future of the park, he said...

"I wish it would keep running like this, with this system. There's an Italian proverb that says, 'You shouldn't change a winning horse.' But I can't impose my ideas on my successors, because everyone has a different point of view."