The Story Of These Inner-City Kids Surfing For The First Time Will Warm Your Heart

It’s amazing what a day at the beach can do for someone.

1. “We can’t pretend to fix all of the problems inner city kids face. What we can do is give them a fun day out…”

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2. This group of kids have seen far more than most kids their age. Having been surrounded by gang signs and gun shots their whole lives, one young boy described his chaotic upbringing as “mayhem.”

3. Surf coach Ian Glover decided that while he might not be able to fix all these kids’ problems, he could give them a fun day out.

4. So they filled a truck with surfboards and wetsuits and headed to the beach.

5. And after spending some time practicing on the sand…

6. They hit the waves.

7. At first, they got water in their noses and were a little freaked out. But instead of giving up, they turned around and caught another wave.

8. By the end of the day, the once somber kids were all smiles.

9. Created by filmmaker Adam Warmington for Micro Documentaries.

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