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    Dad With Terminal Cancer Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down The Aisle In Surprise Birthday 'Wedding'

    "I now pronounce you, daddy and daughter."

    Josie's dad might not be able to be there on her actual wedding day, but she'll remember this day for the rest of her life. / Via

    Josie's dad, Jim Zetz, has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and probably won't be able to be with his daughter on her wedding day.

    When photographer Lindsey Villatoro learned about Jim and Josie’s story, she decided to help make sure Josie would always have the memory of her dad walking her down the aisle.

    So Lindsey enlisted the help of some friends and got to work planning, just in time for Josie's 11th birthday. From the hair and makeup team...

    To decor...

    They pulled out all the stops to make sure Josie and Jim's special day was one she'd never forget. (She even got a special designer wedding dress delivered from L.A. Fashion Week.)

    The ceremony was emotional, and even included a promise ring and an exchanging of daddy-daughter vows.

    Following the ceremony, Josie and Jim shared a quiet moment together before heading to the "reception"...

    Which included a catered dinner, gifts, and lots of friends and family.

    "Grace told me Josie said the following morning, 'It was the BEST day of her life,'" Lindsey wrote on Vimeo.

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