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    Beyoncé Stopped By A Local Walmart And Paid For The First $50 Of Everyone's Purchases

    "Hello Walmart shoppers. Testing Walmart shoppers. It's Beyoncé!"

    Shoppers at the Tweksbury, Massachusetts Walmart got quite the surprise on Friday, when Beyoncé stopped by the store to do some holiday shopping.

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    First, Queen Bey greeted customers, including this adorable little girl, who she picked up and hugged.

    Then she did some holiday shopping, including buying a doll as a present for Blue Ivy Carter.

    After checking out, Beyoncé got on Walmart's intercom system and announced that "for everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me."

    According to, Bey ending up giving out 750 gift cards, racking up $37,500.

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