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    Airbnb Miniaturized 50 Of Their Most Incredible Listings Into Birdhouses

    Yes, you're about to be seriously envious of a bunch of birdhouses.

    Airbnb commissioned five artists to recreate 50 of their most over-the-top, unique looking listings from around the world. From a gypsy caravan in Texas, to a dome home in Thailand, the artists' pint-sized models mirrored the originals inside...

    And out...

    Charming Victorian, San Francisco, CA

    Dome Home in Koh Samui, Thailand

    Circus Caravan, Provence, France

    Tipis and Historic Trails, British Columbia, Canada

    Windmill at Beach, Graciosa, Portugal

    Gypsy Caravan, Austin, TX

    Rosie Gypsy Wagon Cornwall, St. Keverne, United Kingdom

    After finishing the 50 birdhouses, they hung them all in a huge tree, creating a village full of homes for birds to claim as their own.

    Watch the entire process that went into creating Birdbnb, which was captured by Alma Har'el, 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary winner.

    View this video on YouTube

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