After 41 Years In The Classroom, This First-Grade Teacher Was Surprised With A Heartwarming Retirement Party

This video will make you want to go hug a teacher.

1. Mrs. Flexer was a beloved teacher for 41 years, so when she announced her retirement, her students, both current and former, decided to throw her an unforgettable retirement party to let her know how much they appreciated her.

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2. When Mrs. Flexer walked into the room and saw dozens of her former students waiting for her, she was in shock.

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3. And as she began to recognize all the familiar faces around her, including a student she had her first year of teaching, all she could say was “Oh my god!”

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4. After giving her a moment to let everything sink in, the students began sharing special memories they had with Mrs. Flexer.

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5. They talked about what an enormous impact she had on their lives… / Via SoulPancake

6. And how she helped shape them into the men and women they are today.

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7. A student stuck taking law school exams even sent her mom to speak on her behalf.

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8. Then they presented Mrs. Flexer with a “Medal Of Awesome.”

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9. Thank you for your service and happy retirement Mrs. Flexer!

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