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A Sleeping Puppy's Favorite Song Comes On And He Wakes Up And Sings

Apparently "Let It Go" is for the dogs.

Not only is Oakley the Australian shepherd an amazing singer, but he's also training to be a therapy dog.

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Brittany Boll / Via

While Charli XCX's "Boom Clap" is playing, little Oakley remains fast asleep.

Brittany Boll / Via

But the moment Frozen's "Let It Go" comes on, his little ears perk up...

Brittany Boll / Via

And he starts to sing along.

Brittany Boll / Via

Even puppies can't help but love Frozen!

Brittany Boll / Via

And then "Boom Clap" comes back on, and it's back to sleep for Mr. Oakley...

Brittany Boll / Via

H/T Tastefully Offensive.

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