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Real Couples Re-Enacted Obscure Sex Positions And It’s Adorably Awkward

Who knew "30 Minutes on Hold With Comcast" was a sex position?

Cut Video, the guys behind "Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time," brought in a bunch of real couples and asked them to act out sex positions in a game of sexy charades. Here are the hilarious results:

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Right off the bat, they got personal and asked the couples to share their partner's favorite sex position.

Then, with nothing but the names to go on, the couples had to try to re-enact the sex positions from Nerve's Position of the Day card deck. First up was "The Drill Bit"...

Next up was "One Sausage Wrap To Go." Who comes up with these names??

Some of the positions required props. For "The Laptop," this couple busted out the exercise ball...

And for "London Bridge," these two made use of a couple of chairs.

Even though none of the couples really nailed the correct positions...

They all deserve major points for creativity!