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9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring an adorable Dachshund wedding, terrifying footage of a plane making an emergency landing, and a bunch of dudes getting bikini waxes.

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Men Get Their First Bikini Waxes, React Perfectly

These poor guys will never underestimate women's beauty routines again. Ever. (3:08)

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Hot Dog Champion Takes On Tiny Hamster

Kobayashi is a legend in the world of competitive eating. But will he be a match for this adorable hamster? (1:43)

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A JetBlue Flight’s Emergency Landing

JetBlue Flight 1416 had to reverse course just 15 minutes into its trip. This footage from the cabin is terrifying. (1:19)

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Dad Blows Air In Baby's Face, Baby Freaks Out

Is there anything that isn't amazing when you're a baby? Of course not. (0:14)

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The Most Over-The-Top Dog Wedding Ever

Two Dachshunds' owners decided to throw them a gorgeous wedding. Eat your heart out, Pinterest. (2:08)

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Man Shows Off New iPhone 6, Immediately Drops It

The first guy to get a new iPhone in Australia was eager to show it off to a reporter. A little too eager. (0:37)

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High Fives For Everyone!

How do you make hailing cabs more fun? Give everyone a high five, obviously. (1:25)

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Terrifying Armed Robbery Captured On Video

This GoPro-wearing traveler was robbed at gunpoint in Argentina. The intense footage was used to arrest the suspect the same day. (3:16)

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This Farewell Jeter Ad Will Make You Feel All The Feels

Yes, it's a Gatorade commercial. Yes, it might make you cry. (1:31)

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