9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring an adorable 5-year-old who doesn't want her baby brother to grow up, a bank that did something really cool for it's customers, and the most insane dance moves you'll see all week.

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Little Girl Gets Adorably Upset About Brother Growing Up

What happened when Sadie found out her baby brother wouldn't stay tiny forever? She pretty much lost it. (0:57)

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The Terrifying Moment An Iceberg Collapses

We're all used to seeing ice melt. But few of us have ever witnessed something quite this frightening in person. (0:59)

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ATM Surprises Customers In Incredibly Touching Way

Ever heard of an "Automated Thanking Machine"? This bank gave its customers a pretty wonderful surprise. (3:57)

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If Your Boyfriend Were Your Phone

How attached are you to your phone? Put your significant other in its place and you'll get it pretty quickly. (2:20)

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Pit Bull Makes Baby Laugh Hysterically

Gemma the pit bull can't stop licking baby Elliot, and baby Elliot can't stop laughing. This is so amazingly cute! (0:45)

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A Seriously Must-See Dance

If you only watch one dance video this week, please make it this one. Seriously, just trust us on this. (2:03)

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The Most Inspiring Ad Of The Week

Misty Copeland wasn't supposed to be a ballerina, but she never gave up. This Under Armour ad will give you chills. (1:00)

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The Celebrity Fragrance Smell Test

Can anyone tell which fragrances belong to celebs like Britney and Pitbull? There's only one way to find out! (2:42)

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Two Women Survive Being Run Over By Train

These two trespassers miraculously survived an encounter with a freight train. Talk about dumb luck. (1:06)

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