8 Web Videos You Need To See This Week

Including a heart-meltingly powerful true love story, the Russian police choir’s delightfully weird cover of “Get Lucky”, and a look at just how creepy it would be if you talked to people the way you talk to dogs.

1. This Incredibly Powerful True Love Story Will Melt Your Heart

Lincoln and Hilary left the city to build a new life for themselves on a farm, but just when everything seemed perfect, their world took a very unexpected turn. Filmmakers Public Record made this gorgeous hybrid music video-documentary for “Brighton,” the debut single by Alagoas. (5:13)

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/75962134.

3. Things You Say To Dogs That’d Be Creepy If You Said Them To People

Who’s a good boy? From the man who brought you Things You Do Online That Would Be Creepy In Real Life. (1:12)

5. This Is The Most Inspiring Dance Party You’ll Ever See

Deborah Cohan, an OB-GYN and mother of two, was set to undergo a double mastectomy at San Francisco’s Mount Zion Hospital. But just before the procedure, she and her surgical team turned up Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” and danced their hearts out. (6:14)

7. Watch David Hasselhoff Rap The Fresh Prince Theme Song In This Gloriously Insane Supercut

Did the world really need to see the Hoff perform one of Will Smith’s most famous songs? Actually, yes it did. Bravo, supercut master Matthijs Vlot. Bravo. (1:45)

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/78343974.

9. A Brief Look At Everything Your Smartphone Has Replaced

Remember struggling to fold maps? Boy, life before smartphones sure did involve lots and lots of stuff. (2:07)

11. The Russian Police Choir’s Cover Of “Get Lucky” Is Unbelievably Hilarious

From the accents on down, there just are no words for what’s going on here. Move over, Daft Punk: The Russian police choir’s got this. (3:35)

13. Watch This Amazing Timelapse Of A Homeless Veteran’s Makeover

Since leaving the military, Jim Wolf had struggled with alcoholism and homelessness. So he agreed to let the people at Dégagé Ministries, Design 1 Salon & Spa, and Rob Bliss Creative give him a makeover, and what happened next was pretty incredible. (2:51)

15. Pancakes As You’ve Never, Ever Seen Them Before

There are pancakes and syrup and a shirtless guy and Etta James’s “At Last” and none of this makes *any sense at all* but man oh man is it worth watching. This is pretty much the stuff that WTF is made of. (0:48)

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