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    18 Period Sex Horror Stories

    When your bedroom turns into a crime scene.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their horror stories about hooking up while on their period. Here are the best results:

    1. The Threesome:

    "My BF and I are in an open relationship and are currently seeking a girlfriend. One late/drunken night, a cute tinder girl hit us up. She ends up showing up at our place for some fun. It’s just getting hot and heavy when I notice as I am fingering her, that she's starting her period. My BF and I looked at each other as if to say, ‘Fuck it’ and went ahead with the threesome anyways. As a lady who's had many periods, that still had to be the most blood I’ve seen come out of a human being in my life. My bedroom looked straight out of a crime scene."



    2. Dry Humping:

    "In high school I was having a heavy make out session in my boyfriend's car. We were getting pretty into it (high school angst and all) which may have resulted in some dry humping. It wasn't until later that I realized I had gotten my period and not only bled through my own jeans, but had left a blood streak all over his pant leg."


    3. The Diva Cup:

    " I was using a Diva Cup at the time, and his attempts at fingering me were not working very well, so we both made the decision to just take it out and do it anyway. When he turned on the lights, it was like a horror scene! There was blood on his pants, my shirt, his comforter and sheets! I had to help him clean everything up because he had no idea how to get blood stains out of all of his clothes and bedding. I couldn't get the stains out my shirt and had to go home with my jacket zipped all the way up so my mom wouldn't notice. Talk about a walk of shame..."


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    4. The Girthy One:

    "I went on an amazing date with this super hot guy. Afterward, we were going to have some sexy time. I checked myself in the bathroom because I knew my period was just about over, and the tampon had nothing on it. I warned him beforehand that I had just ended. He had a huge and girthy dick. It made me start again. There was bleed everywhere: floor, socks, bed, all over me. I was so embarrassed and definitely did not receive a second date."


    5. The White Blouse:

    "After having sex for the first time in three years, my hook up asks me in the middle if I'm having my period. I apologize and he says not to worry and we continue. I spend the night. Come to find out that after we were done, he wiped his dick on my white blouse — the only shirt I have with me."

    6. The Vampire:

    "I was on my period and my boyfriend went down on me and drank my blood like a vampire for a solid 20 minutes. After it looked like he was wearing red lipstick."



    7. The Car and the Red Lipstick:

    "My gal pals and I decided to go to the club and I strike up an conversation with another freshman and his friend. His friend and I ended up going to the other guy's car to do the deed. When we're done I look down and there is blood EVERYWHERE. Running down my leg, on my shoes, on his shirt, AND ON THE OTHER DUDE'S CAR SEAT! We did eventually get cleaned up and went back to the club. As for the car... we just said it was my makeup (I did have red lipstick on that night). The dude totally believed it."


    8. The Sleepover Gone Wrong:

    "In high school my girlfriend and I were on the down low so she could still sleep over. After a nightlong romp, we woke up the next morning to what looked like a crime scene. I had gotten my period at some point in the night and the white sheets were streaked. We both had bloody streaks on our legs and stomachs. What topped it off was a perfect, bloody hand print right next to the pillow. Needless to say, our secret was out, and the sleepovers ended..."


    9. The Squirter:

    "Squirting and periods don't go great together in a hotel room after 2 bottles of champagne and a weed vape. That was a hell of a bill."


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    10. A Metallic Taste:

    "My ex-boyfriend was going down on me in the dark and came up to kiss me. I tasted something like metal so I turned the light on... there was blood all over his face! He never tasted it and he ran to the bathroom to clean up while I laughed my ass off because he had always acted so terrified of periods. I wasn't even supposed to start — I broke through a fairly new birth control."


    11. The Bed Wetter:

    "I went home with a guy I met at a bar, and not even 5 min after getting home were naked. Cut to roughly 45 seconds later he’s already finished and passes out hard immediately. I get up and look down and his crotch is covered in blood — I had gotten my period. He’s dead to the world and I couldn’t wake him up. I ran to the bathroom and came back only to find that he had peed... in my bed. I was so mad that I didn’t even try to clean him up. Eventually I was able to get him up. He got dressed, didn’t even notice the blood, and I drove him home never to be seen or heard from again. Take that bed pee-er."


    12. The Tampon-Remover:

    "I was with a guy who wasn’t weird about period sex (so awesome), but he hated having to stop foreplay for me to go to the bathroom to take my tampon out. So one time while we were kissing he reached into my underwear and pulled my tampon out WAY TOO FAST. The worst part was that it was dry and my vagina hurt way too bad to continue. Guys, leave that part to us to please."


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    13. Finger-Licking Good:

    "The first — The VERY FIRST — time I was fooling around with my now boyfriend of two years, he was fingering me and pulled out his fingers and ~hello~. Out of total panic, I decided it would be sexy to lick his fingers.

    We've been together for 2.5 years now, and I'm still shocked we got past that first moment."


    14. Butt Stuff:

    "One time I was on my period and I was very horny (as per usual) and me and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to have sex. Well he wouldn’t have vaginal sex with me because I was on my period so we decided to do anal. So we were having sex and when we finished I looked at his pants and there was a blood stain on the top of his pants... I had an orgasm and didn’t realize that I shot blood out of my self. The worst part is that he had to go to his mom's after he was over at my house. So he told her that we were just cuddling and I leaked on his pants.


    15. Period Poops:

    "Well period sex with the crush I'd been pursuing, but it was just the beginning so I didn't think I had to mention it, the worst part was when it went in the wrong hole on accident... period poops... we both had to shower on account of me being covered in blood and him being covered in poop."


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    16. Blindfolded:

    "My husband and I got really drunk one night and got experimental. Both of us were blindfolded and were just relying on each other's touch. About an hour of fooling around, we finally realized that the reason I was so 'extra lubricated' was because I had started my period and it came heavy as always. Our sheets, the walls, the pillows, my husband and myself, pretty much anything we had touched or laid on had blood stains and literally looked like a murder had been committed."


    17. Sheet Delivery:

    "I had a drunken one night stand with a friend. When I got up to leave, I realized I had started my period and it was everywhere! I panicked and grabbed all of his bedding and insisted on taking it home to wash. The next day I dropped it off in a trash bag on his porch. His roommates still make jokes about it to this day."


    18. The Bloody Conception:

    "My mom told me I was conceived while she was on her period. My whole life has been a horror story since then."


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