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What Your Eyebrow Style Says About You

Brow down, betches. Up your brow game with Maybelline's Brow Drama.

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Casually Thick

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The Babe-Beyond-Her-Years: You believe that you're an 80-year-old trapped inside a twentysomething's body. You tend to be an overachiever because you have intense stamina and never settle on something unless it's going to improve you in one way or another. *hair flip*

Exotically Thin


The City Slicker: Always a busy, social butterfly. You thrive when you’re the center of attention, and filling your calendar with new exciting things to do is your M.O. Travel the world before you’re 30? Why not!

Lavishly Long

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The Devious Diva: You are a fierce, passionate trendsetter. People look to you for what’s going to be the “next big thing,” and you’re what they call “ahead of your time.”

Dramatically High


The Theater Queen: Find your light! You shine in front of a crowd, a real people-pleaser. If it were up to you, you’d be on stage right this very second, moving an audience to laughter and tears. Aaaand on the 2 and on the 2.

Fabulously Real

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The Sporty Chick: You love a strong competition, but love winning even more. Health and fitness are your number-one priorities. High five, honey buns.

Cooly Decorated

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The Ultimate Artist: Beauty is whatever you want it to be. Art is an expression you wear on your sleeve — take it on the run, eat it, sleep in it, drink it. You are art and art is you.

Gracefully Natural


The Girl Next Door: You are young at heart and a generous, loyal friend. Simplicity in this life is all you need for deep satisfaction. You’re gonna soak up the sun and appreciate every drop of it. Cheers to you! *raises glass*

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