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12 Ways To Lean The Hell In

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1. Stop hanging out with people who suck.

Who you kick it with can influence you more than you know, so why waste your time with people who don't make you feel that great, who you don't really trust, and who keep letting you down? Friendships should not be like networking, and quality is more important than quantity.

2. Embrace your own brand of "babe."

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What makes you feel good? What do you think looks dope? Silence the haters and make sartorial choices that you love, regardless of how they match up with what you see in the media and on your friends. Everyone has a style, and it comes from within.

3. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


Don't buy into that "nice girls finish last" crap — you can be a boss without being a bitch, and without forgetting that you can help yourself by helping others. Make people feel seen, heard, and included, and you'll see it returned.

4. Remember that it's OK to say "no."

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Whether it's to a friend who wants to do something you're just not down with, or if it's to your own huge list of things you "must" get done or else you're a failure and the world will burn, remember the value in saying "not today." Trust yourself, speak up for yourself, and enjoy the beauty of "no."

5. Let go, or be dragged.

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Here's the thing about change: It's guaranteed. Whatever is meant to happen is going to happen, and if you're going to look back, let it be on things that remind you of what you can survive, grow from, and cherish.

6. Be a professional.

Doesn't matter if you're at your ~dream job~ or taking a job you're not so proud of to make it work until you get there — take it seriously while you're there. Be the best at it you can be. Take pride in what you're doing for your paycheck; that's what people notice, and that's how you move up.

7. Remember that confidence is a state of mind.

It's not what you look like, what you have, what you do, or how many followers you have — you're only as awesome as you believe you are, and that's what people want to see. When you believe in yourself, others will too, in every area of your life.

8. Make your passions a priority.

Life is demanding AF, and there are lots of ways to lose track of how you really want to spend your time. But here's the thing: Don't do that. Make time to practice or enjoy your passions, even if just on the weekend. You'll be happier for it.

9. Don’t be bummed out by your body.

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Because your body is bangin'...but more importantly, it's YOURS. It lets you move and touch and create and achieve whatever you desire. The sooner you can learn to love your soul's shell, the sooner you can fully immerse yourself in this sweet-ass thing called life.

10. Be your own MVP.

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Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself, babe. Make the choice to be your own friend and advocate now. Conflict and crappy days are always gonna hit, but try to remember to stay on your own side and see the things your loved ones see in you.

11. Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument. / Via

Here's some truth: The loudest opinion doesn't automatically become the most valid opinion. It just doesn't. When you're passionate about something, you need to come correct. And correct does not mean screaming your feelings at the moon; it means informing and expressing yourself like the eloquent Queen Bee that you are.

12. And don’t compare yourself to “everyone else."

A sense of competition is fine, but remember that, in the end, we're all on our own paths with our own sets of strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances. Focus on being the best version of yourself, not better than that person over there.

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