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13 Reasons High School Was Harder Than It Needed To Be

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1. Remember how early you needed to wake up for school? How did you even do that?

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2. Picking an outfit for school was more difficult than most multiple-choice exams.


An "F" in accessorizing?!

3. After you finally chose an outfit, you'd spend a million hours on your hair. But by last period, it would inevitably end up in a messy bun.

4. You constantly felt the need to up your locker decoration game.

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5. The girl's bathroom was a treacherous gossip-hole. Danger!

Proceed with caution.
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Proceed with caution.

6. The high school drama was more intense than the drama in most Oscar-nominated films.

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7. School dances were tragic pits of sorrow.

He's dancing with HER?!?
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He's dancing with HER?!?

8. Having to retake every picture until everyone was satisfied.


"Delete that one, I need more lip balm."

9. Hoping to get invited to a party...


...but actually watching movies with your parents every weekend.

10. Your crush was the epitome of perfection and also tragically unattainable.

11. Trying and failing to actually look decent in gym class.

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12. Not getting invited to a friend's sleepover was completely soul-crushing.

13. One word: curfew.

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