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    Politicians Are The Butt Of April Fool Jokes

    From Clegg's Grindr profile to Labour's Katie Hopkins T-shirt, politicians have been the target of April Fools election spoofs.

    After Katie Hopkins threatened to leave the UK if Labour win, Labour released a t-shirt of her scandalous tweet.

    i100 / Via

    Since announcing that she would leave the UK if Labour win, Katie Hopkins may have inadvertently boosted Miliband's likelihood of winning in May. Capitalising on this, Labour claimed they were releasing a T-Shirt of the provocative tweet which dubbed Miliband as "Russell Brand in a chuffing suit".

    In the meantime the Tories launched a spoof range of Labour mugs.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @salliegeorge

    The Tories have released their own alternative take on Labour's newly released campaign mugs. "We Won't Raise Taxes", "We Definitely Chose The Right Brother" and "'A deal with the SNP? That's just our cup of tea!" are just some of the slogan's featured.

    Nick Clegg was spotted on Grindr trying to reach out to gay male voters.

    PinkNews / Via

    PinkNews reported that the Lib Dem leader had been spotted on Grindr, a popular dating app for gay men. They claimed that a source close to the Deputy Prime Minister had said: “Nick has gone for a really hands on approach – and will be replying to all of the messages personally, no matter how raunchy. Ed Miliband took the election campaign into the kitchen – now Nick Clegg wants to take it into the bedroom".

    UKIP announced the Spare Womb Tax which will tax all childless women.

    Standard Issue Magazine / Via

    Standard Issue Magazine reported that a UKIP candidate was calling for a tax on childless women. A spokesperson from his office responded: "It's political correctness gone mad. Was she a lesbian, the woman who said this?” After UKIP genuinely announced that it was joining the campaign to axe Tampon Tax last week, this seemed like a step in the wrong direction.

    Ed Miliband announced secret plans to ditch his geeky North London image and go blond.

    Sun Nation / Via

    The Sun's election website exposed Ed Miliband's covert plans to go blond. A source close to the opposition leader said: "Through Boris, he has seen that hair is something that people care about”. Since witnessing BoJo's "blond bounce become political dynamite", Miliband thought it was time to follow suit.