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Meet The North Koreans Who Went Through Hell To Reach London's Suburbs

BuzzFeed News spoke to people who escaped North Korea about how they came to settle in sleepy New Malden.

Maya Oppenheim • 3 years ago

What It's Really Like To Be Young, British, And On Housing Benefit

The chancellor has announced that he will end automatic entitlement to housing benefit for people aged 18-21. BuzzFeed News spoke to young people about their fears of becoming homeless and how the assistance has helped them.

Maya Oppenheim • 4 years ago

This Black Police Officer Says He's Been Stopped And Searched More Than 30 Times

When Nick Glynn complains about the abuse of the policy, he knows what he's talking about.

Maya Oppenheim • 4 years ago

How Strict Prison Sentences After The London Riots Have Caused A Cycle Of Reoffending

BuzzFeed News spoke to a man sentenced to two and a half years in prison for stealing a bike from Evans Cycles in Chalk Farm in 2011.

Maya Oppenheim • 4 years ago

Politicians Are The Butt Of April Fool Jokes

From Clegg's Grindr profile to Labour's Katie Hopkins T-shirt, politicians have been the target of April Fools election spoofs.

Maya Oppenheim • 4 years ago