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9 Cats That Are Wallflowers At The Party

When cats get together, things can get crazy. But not every kitten is the life of the party.

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Sometimes cats get together to party. It's crazy.

Some cats love partying.


But some cats are shy, retiring wallflowers.


These cats don't know anyone else at this soiree. How awkward.

This cat got tired of waiting for a dance partner so she's dancing alone.


This kitten would be more social if it wasn't past her bedtime.


Social butterfly by day. Wallflower after midnight.

This cat prefers to curl up with a good book instead of partying.


Even if that book is about military strategy.

Sometimes there's no one to talk to at a dinner party and it's awkward.


Someone bring this cat some wine. Immediately.

This cat is pretending she has really important messages she has to check right this instant.


Otherwise she'd just be standing around making awkward small chat with strangers and that's the worst.

This cat would be more outgoing but he totally wore the wrong outfit.


The invitation said smart casual. WTF is that?

Grumpy cat is So Over being a wallflower at this party.

These little wallflowers kittens are having fun with each other.

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