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    13 Things That Only People With A.D.D Understand

    A.D.D stands for attention defi... Oh look, a butterfly!

    1. You will do everything to avoid what you actually need to do.

    2. The birds outside are always more interesting then the teacher

    3. You are so tired of hearing all about how there is no such as thing A.D.D

    4. Sometimes you found yourself stare in the wall in the middle of the lesson questioning the meaning of life

    5. You have your own specific study technique, and you know that nothing else is gonna work for you

    6. You have talent to remember what truly interests you

    7. You keep forgetting things you just did or planned to do

    8. Your brain is like times square in 6:00 pm. Everything is so fast and random

    9. If you on pills, you probably have specific hours you can study in

    10. You can't hear anymore about how your pills are drugs and you shouldn't take them

    11. You tend to lose interest in things or focus in conversations very quickly

    12. You tried every method and watched every video online to help yourself study better and understand the material

    13. You do things like reading (or in my case, writing) list like this one instead of studying to that exam tomorrow

    But eventually, with all the struggles, you are creative and unique and you will beat it all and find your own way to success.